When you were a teenager?

were you intimidated by the older kids? like in high school. i remember i was very shy around the older students when i got to high school. just tried to be cool and didn’t say much.

the funny thing is now, the only humans that scare me are little kids. i don’t have the imagination and playfulness to be around them for long haha.

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Not at all, once was called out to a fight after school, I was worried sick, later in the day the other took off home early, he probably could have whupped my ass lol but made me look good
I was a rowdy back in school, never picked on anyone, just was always in trouble


Nope, not at all, I didn’t really think anything of the older students. I only spoke to them if spoken to by them.

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No. I was in the rough crowd. All of us mingled different ages.

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every thing changed for me my sophomore year when i started varsity in basketball and football. then the upper classmen started to invite me out, although i preferred my classmates to hang out with. i could be myself around them, felt like i had to be somebody different when i was hanging out with the upperclassmen.

Depends. The group I hung out with with the intention of playing D@D were older. The guy whose house we mainly hung out with and his buddy I knew well.

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I never know who I am going to impress. Yeah, I was a little wary around older kids. My school had some very tough people, as I imagine every school does. Every now and then an upperclassman liked me.

We didn’t have a bad racial problem at my school but the toughest minority all hang around each other. And ever since 7th grade until around 11th grade, you knew if you were going to fight someone I’n that group, you were going to have to fight all of them.

It was kind of funny when we were playing football in P.E. one time when I was freshman and I went out for a pass and I was running full speed across the field concentrating on catching the ball and didn’t see a senior from the group coming the opposite way and he didn’t see me and we collided. The impact knocked me down but surprisingly I wasn’t hurt too bad. But afterward in the locker room the guy came up to me and asked me if I was alright. I told him, yeah. That really impressed me.

But through most of high school I hung around a guy who was a couple years older than me. He was my friends, friend and he hated me but oh well.

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I’m not gonna lie. High school was terrifying for me especially older kids. Some people say high school is the best time in life…ya right. Being sexually abused at a young age you are forced to grow up early and childish games even as a teenager are not appealing. When I graduated I literally walked out the door and as I was walking away raised up my hand and flipped the building the bird. Never been back. Not for my niece’s sports games or whatever. Never been to a reunion either. No reason to.

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