When you think its the end think again

i m overwelled …sadden and out played, ruff as life is there is no room. come again and leave to soon. my old age has me tied with all the thoughts empty in side.


I’m beginning to feel my age as well.

I have tasted the bottom already at a very young age.
I may recover and do better, but I already know how the bottom feels.

I feel ancient, I’m 32. I’ve spent 12 years on medication. That’s one thing that perhaps isn’t so serious but the drugs really don’t agree with me, I’ve basically been sedated for 12 years. I want to continue taking them for the time being, but looking into other nutritional/vitamin therapies is a good idea, I take Niacin 500mg per day, if I took more of it it could perhaps have a greater effect, I’m not worried about the impact on my liver. Then there’s folic acid and magnesium, also very good for schizophrenia. I also took probiotics for a while, because I watched a video on YouTube about how bugs in the digestive tract are causing mental illness. There is a lot of academic publications that support the same theory, that probiotics can solve a lot of the problems in the gut.

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You will be once it gets harmed ! I’d reconsider the niacin. It’s actually useless for schizophrenia.

The only thing that is truly a cure for psychosis is anti psychotic meds
The clue is in the name

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I was 30
Meds for 13 years
Working full time
Going sailing every weekend,
Part sharing a flat with my boyfriend
I was vegan, I was about to start a yoga teacher training course

I had no more voices, all paranoia had left me
I had energy and happiness

Then I stopped taking antipsychotic meds

I was in hospital for a year over the next 3 years
Went from cured and recovered to street walker and in possession of a near hopeless case of schizophrenia
My prognosis was awful at that point.

I got back on meds,
I’m 14 years out of hospital
Own a house with my ‘successful’ husband of 11 years
We have cats
My sister is schizophrenic
She refuses any meds

She has been stubborn and suicidal and psychotic for 7 years living with our mum

See this story?
It is everything anyone who has tried to go without meds on this site can also say

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