When you start getting a delusion

How does it start?

Is it like a thought that just shows up one day very small but then over some period snowballs into something large and uncontrollable?

When I had my psychotic break I believed some stuff that I never before thought I could ever believe. Now every once and awhile a thought will pop into my head, and I’m afraid of it.

I was doing the crossword earlier, where different names for satan was the theme. Then I just had this thought of, what if the devil is real, wouldn’t that be pretty scary, huh. Then I tried to imagine it and actually started to feel a little scared.

Anyway, I hope it really is a random thought that won’t come around again.


It’s similar for me. It’s about a) what I’m thinking and b)what I’m feeling.
so when it’s a) it’s usually intrusive thoughts, like a whisper. as for b) this then decides how I deal with it, either I laugh it off or I forcefully get angry and forbid it. that’s kind of what happens in my mind when I’m able to clue up on my thoughts falling into delusion


i think it’s several things happening that you are combining in your head and it keeps growing until it becomes a delusion…

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