When you start anti psychotics

When you first start antipsychotics … I know everyone experiences things differently, but do you start to forget about things that you used to believe in?

Do you forget about the things that happened to you?

I’m hoping that they will help take the million puzzle pieces in my brain and help smooth them out for me a bit, but I don’t want a blank slate. I don’t want to forget.

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I never forgot, I still remember, I think I will always have those memories.

Medication just made them much less intense, they weren’t as obsessive rambling madness.

They’ve given me some stability, and made life better. Therapy helped with processing the memories in a healthy way too.

Took me a while to find the right meds and dose, but I’m happier now.


No, antipsychotics don’t make you forget.


Antipsychotics gave me the ability to actually laugh at some of my psych symptoms and remember them in a manner that was a lot less scary. During the episodes I would be terrified, but now that the doctors behind the walls have gone away I can view that with a bit of humor. But some of the memories are still painful. APs won’t erase your memories.


I’m taking ap’s since 2011. It’s ECT (electroconvulsive therapy) that messes with your memory.

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You might feel restless for two weeks.

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when I started antipsychotic almost 30 years ago it erased most of my childhood memories. I’m only able to recall the most traumatic memories. But most of the things that happened to me the last 30 years I do still recall.

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APs allowed me to address my psychotic happenings in a logical manner.

I definitely didn’t forget my experiences, but I will say that they seem almost foreign to me in a way.

This could just be because around seven years have passed since my psychotic break.

I’ve had some time to process what happened, and although the memories still remain, what happened is not as immediate or as significant as when it was happening.

So no, APs will not take away your experiences. But they might allow you to understand them from a non-psychotic or deluded point of view.

Be well :dizzy:

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İ have been started at 2011.its 10 years by now.but i should started before then i was able to do less stupid things for my life.

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The illness can affect cognitive and memory abilities, but the APs themselves won’t do it.

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It was like being oblivious to reality and the world around me. I feel i have grown more as a person in the last two months then i ever did for the 12 years i was on them. Im not saying dont take them but just let you know i made a major comeback. Best of luck!

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I dont think i actually had schizophrenia of any kind though just alot of emotions and trauma that i couldnt accept. It was all bottled up inside. All that caused psychosis for me mixed with med withdrawls and i learned recently what a slow taper and confronting your demons and trauma is all about. :blush: