When you recive a complitment?

Most of the compilments I recived in the past never sunk in

Do you take onboard compilments from others???

0000 :smiley:

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Yeah, I’m usually pretty flattered if someone compliments me.


The compliments I recived didn’t regester into my mind

Maybe I put up a barrier


I have this annoying habit of trying to disprove or minimize the compliments I get.
I bet if I got a Nobel prize for solving world hunger I’d be like “hahaha thank you, but it’s no big deal. I just did what anyone would do, I know 10 people who deserve this more”

I’m learning to just smile and say thank you. And to believe the compliments.

It’s just hard when I’ve had a lifetime of being complimented for ridicule or personal gain.
Like seriously, people at my school would compliment something, wait for their victim to smile or say thanks, and then laugh and say things like “aaahaah bloated ego much, omg, you stupid ugly nerd”
Or they’d be extra nice in the days leading up to asking for a favour


Those people aren’t worth another thought in your head. They’re mean losers. Forget them!

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I get complimented for my intelligence but I cant even really use my intelligence since having sz and having negative symptoms. On Abilify I went to university but my grades were much lower than before sz. Sz made me dumber.

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Before sz I used to get invited to math and physics competitions as I had a 90+% average. I finished organic chemistry with a 98% average, I got 99% in the final lol which was worth 50% of the overall grade.

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Teachers also wanted me to teach other students for money. They have this program in college where students with high grades get paid for teaching and helping other students.


I make eye contact and say thank you. Now that ability to take a compliment took some practice but it’s always nice to be acknowledged once you get used to it.

Now I still feel suspicious or whatever but I hide it and comply with the social rules.


my ex used 2 call me pretty boy sometimes

Like others, I have trouble receiving compliments, even when I know that technically they are true. I just downplay it

Insults get through no problem, with compliments I don’t have the receptor LOL

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