When you not depressed or manic but you get paranoid

Sounds more like sza right?

People with Bipolar can become paranoid also

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All people can become paranoid - especially after an upsetting occurrence. An argument or a breakup can be unsettling to anyone.

@anon80629714, I wouldn’t worry too much about your dx right now. Get your feet back under you first.


I do worry I hate antipsychotics and the aim was to get off

Antipsychotics are for mood stabilization also @anon80629714
And for delusional or distorted thinking.
These can be symptoms of bipolar also.

The longer I’m on them the higher the risk if Td

Abilify is low risk for TD

Kind a healthy level of paranoia and unhealthy well sort normal level and crippling. Generally something’s triggering it and can be unrelated to either SZA or BP. Main issues is how much is it affecting your life atm especially when related to a MI.

TBH might just be the issues with the latest guy. You know yourself better then anyone and what’s going on with your life atm.

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