When you live in your head

i am asking myself today if i had still feelings. i have anger,envy but that are just negative ones… did you pass through this? its painful not to have feelings and just living with negative thinking…
take care all of you :slight_smile:

I used to literally live in my head 2-3 years ago. I suffered from solipsism and intense derealization.

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yeah,i cant even stop complaining. did you had headaches at this time? it goes to headaches in my case because of this thinking…

and does trt helps?

Testosterone replacement therapy???

I think when my depression was most severe in adolescence I did pass through that emptiness yes. But it did pass after a couple years.

The good thing about living in your headv ls life and all perks are all up to you.

I went through a time of that… getting out of my head was always a shock…

There were times were living in my head was so much easier.

I notice lately I’ve been trying to make too many changes at once, and am finding out it’s a recipe for disaster. Just been so self conscious so I’m not enjoying myself enough. We all need to lighten up some and realize our limitations.

Theres alot to be said for awareness of self.

Just don’t overdo it,lol!