^^^ - ) When You Give One Everything & They Walk Away ( - ^^^

So What Does One Do With Such A Situation (???) ,

After You Realize That They Are Light Takers … ,

What Do You Do (???) ,

Does That Mean PEACE Is A Weakness … ,

A Question For N E One Ever , ■■■■■■ Over A Trillion ■■■■■■■ T(Y)me$ …

So What Does One Do (???)

I’ve had the same thing happen to me…You just let them live their life. Hope for the best for them.

And do the best for yourself.

Learn your lesson

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me

Time heals most wounds…

What If As Your Wound Was In Tha Process Of Healing and They Clawed In Deeper and Deeper and Deeper and Deeper (???) ,

Jus To See How Much It Can Hurt …

What Does One Do (???)

WHY On Earth Would You Do THAT (!!!) (?)

It depends. If it’s a friend or girlfriend then you can just break off contact with them. If it’s a family member, then it’s more difficult.

What If It’s Your D@d (???) ,

Jus Throwing Hypotheticals out There … ,

and Your D@d Doesn’t Want You To have A Family OR A Social Lyfe (???) ,

What Would One Hypothetically Do (???)

I’d ask my psychiatrist to plug me into a support network, like getting a social worker etc.

What Would That Hypothetically Do For Tha Person Suffering (???)

It would give them social support, rather than having them be on their own dealing with difficult people.

I Suppose Sometymes It Can Be Hopeful … ,

You May Have Helped Some Lurkers Out There Young One …

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