When you get older, do you still have fun?

I’m 42 years old. When you get older than 51 years old do you still have as much fun as…my age?

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I don’t have any fun and I’m 38. Do you have fun? What do you do?


I’m still suffering my butt of. I mean overall.

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Hell yes. All kinds of opportunities for fun. I had to go shopping last night and I googley eye bombed about 20 products in the cookie and cereal aisle while I was getting our eatz. I never go anywhere without googley eyes in my pocket. Mischief is important.

(Not my picture.)


im 36 now and the only fun i have is going to a restaurant or taking a road trip.

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The queen of England still goes horse riding which is a delight.

Old people dance rock n roll together and have fun so super old people can have fun.

My dads happiest his ever been is at age 70.

My grandmas happiest age was 60.

Don’t give up on happy fun moments.


I don’t think I’ll mind being older.

I’m 47 .I don’t have much fun since Sz myself. Anhedonia and all. But I think you can still have fun when you’re older under normal circumstances.

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Well you know I can still do sudokus and read a little but the voices don’t come around for hanky panky anymore. Yep!!! (well I had to be honest. I wasn’t doing it with REAL people.)

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Well, in a lot of ways I’m having more fun than when I was in my thirties and forties. I’m 59. Life is harder and I am slowed down sometmes but I realize that a lot of life is just not as serious as I thought. I mean it still gets dead serious but I realize people aren’t as threatening as I thought and life is one big game sometimes. And I can handle that.

And periods of my life when I was younger and addicted to drugs there was a lot of drama but mainly bad drama and it was not fun. Now, I find I like a little drama. But yeah, my fun is going places in my car or going places with my sister.

I enjoy people more and I’m not as judgemental and I can see the younger folk are the most alive they’ve ever been and just having fun. They annoy me sometimes but I can understand where they’re coming from. Life is boring a lot but I get around. Physically, I can’t do a lot of things I used to do but no one expects me too.

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No, 43 and it is all over! Your personality gives up for ghost, your body fails and you have to keep butterscotch sweets in your pocket so you are not too sour.

You give off an old people’s smell and you have to reminisce about the old days to everyone you meet!

Just kidding you have 7 years till that happens… :rofl:

I have fun. Well, I feel good anyway.

Maybe it’s the mania tho

You should visit The Villages, FL. Those people are elderly and living it up there

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I’m 50 and I have too much fun. I really am trying to behave myself but I do like a good time. Really as we live longer I don’t feel particularly old although my body is starting to need a bit more of an effort to keep going.

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Supposedly there some science that says when you get past 70 you stop giving a ■■■■. Like; about everything I guess.

I wouldn’t know

I’m 56 and I feel better about myself now than I did at any other age. Of course I’m not in as good of shape that I was when I was younger but, I still enjoy life. I have fun doing the things that interest me. I still care about myself, however; the best part about being older is that you don’t care anymore about what other people say or think about you.

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my parents are very active, they get out and do more fun things than I do when they have time. Its all mindset. You can be old and boring at any age.

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