When You Get Complete ED Do You No Longer Have a Sexuality?

Technically you can no longer have sex unless you use a drug. But I find myself looking at porn occasionally again because I still like to look at what I can’t have. The bad effects that used to cause are ironically gone.

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ED doesn’t mean you have arousal problem. It can give you weak erections or maybe no erection. But I think you wouldn’t lose sexuality. Arousal starts in brain. As men get older their erections might become weaker doesn’t mean they stop getting sexually aroused.


I dont have ed. But occasionally i might find it a little difficult to get it up every once in a while but still feel aroused at the same time. I find it still can feel good to touch myself/get touched in that region despite not getting it up during those times.
So i guess in my case, a lack of an erection doesnt diminish sex drive.

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I can get aroused a bit but my hardware doesnt work, it’s as simple as that.


I’m 48,and it stands right.
Trick is not to masturbate 10 times a day.
I rarelly masturbate, only bc medical reasons,if it starts to hurt., bc of morning erection.

Yeah I still get some arousal.

I am circumcised.
I put my foreskin under my pillow, for the IT fairy to find at night. She can turn any software into hardware. Word.

Ok, joke aside, I don’t have full ED but it takes me a while to get aroused these days. I feel like I’ve seen and done enough, sexually-wise, and almost no image or thought turns me on anymore. It might be due to overexposure to porn in my 20s.

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