When you can't talk to people

Because you don’t want to worry them.
When people need you
And you have to be there
Even though you’re not in a fit state.
When you need someone.
But you’re alone
Even though there are always people there.
This is every day.

I’m almost done.

That’s why you have us guys, we are always here for you when you can’t talk to other people, you can always vent here! Loveee :heart:

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It will get better. Right now is horrible but it will get better!! I see depressive episodes now as sort of fall out from either bad or stressful things that happen to me…your spirit gets wounded…and it hurts for a long time but then it heals and the episode is over…

We can’t always prevent ourselves from getting hurt…but we can create an environment for ourselves that speeds up the healing process…

I encourage you to think about if you could have any future, any life you wanted what would it be? What do you need most in your life right now?


Someone I trust.
It’s hard. But I’ll learn.

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Trust is something that happens slowly, over time. It usually starts with opening up to someone about what’s going on in your mind.

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Don’t give up on that then…I used to be deeply alone…not literally in that I always had plenty of friends and family who loved me…but I didn’t feel able to open up to them…

But things changed for me, mostly because I took the risk to try to trust my friends and tell them about my struggling, overcoming my strong fear they would leave me…and everything ended up ok and not like my fears at all…and I even got my parents to come around after years of them denying me…they apologized and admitted they had been oblivious…now I am surrounded with love and support in my life. I’m not lonely anymore.

So you see things can change, but not unless you make that change…


I can’t say so much because I’m in a point similar to yours. So just say I’m here for whatever thing :raising_hand_woman::heart:

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