When would you satisfied?

At what level of wealth would you be satisfied?

A house? How big?

A family? How many children?

Transportation, what kind?

How much $ do you think you would need to retire? A mostly stay at home retirement with some trips? Or almost continuous travel?

What financial gifts, if any, would you give your children? A first car? A down payment on a home?

Would you dowsize your residence aftr the children have grown up?

This question came after going to an estate sale. The nieghborhood was of houses $500k and up. It contained few families from outer appearances. They were lage estates with multiple bedrooms and/or dens/ familyrooms. Only 2 people for so much house.

Many people talk about personal and corporate greed after our ( American) reccession. Do you think this is an example of that greed?


I don’t need luxury … just enough for comfortably living…


I need a girlfriend to be alive

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You can’t measure your wealth in money in my opinion

I’d like to make like 100,000

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I know non monentary luxaries exist and some fit into both monemtary and non monentary.

Most would acknowledge this who have had the experience of family:

A single parent has a child, but can not enjoy being around the child. This is due to the amount of the parents hours spent at work to support the child.

While many do not believe a child is a luxary, providing a safe and enriched enviroment for the child is considered a luxary by many people.

This is what I mean.

I wouldn’t want a child unless I was very rich. So if I had millions I would have a child or even 1 million.

I just want to feel safe and loved :face_with_head_bandage:

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A home with a room of his own, one parent to stay in the home while under 10 yrs old, good food, medical care, and education would not be enough?

I don’t know! I could see it for someone else but not for me. I’m still young though so we’ll see in 15 years

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There has to be a way there just has to. I hate feeling not good enough

Would feeling safe and loved require a 4,500 sq. Ft house? How many people would you want to be cared about by? Would some of those people be your children? Or future children?

No just someone who wouldn’t expect me to do so much and be able to hold my hand in public or hug me if I’m hurt or crying instead of suck it up” “you’re acting like a pathetic whiney bitch”

Not good enough for what, not good enough for even a simpler home and life style? Or not good enough to have luxaries in life?

Not good enough because I’m too damaged. I can’t have kids, work, drive, and not”strong” enough to say goodbye and live in a halfway house or something

How do you know your a “pathetic whiney @$!#” as you say? How does he know you are? In comparison to who?

Is there a limit? And is the limit circumstancial?

You seek emotional security.

I’m an old soul, where do I meet other old souls

Do you get any income disabilty. Does he ask for you to pay anything? If yes, then your money is obviously good enough for him?

i know I’ve got to suck it up, gotta stop feeling sorry for myself

Nope it isn’t. I used to be able to do more and he reminds me of that constantly and also my failures. But I’m lucky to be alive so walls back up. I know it is me vs me, and I can’t allowothers to have control over my feelings…it’s up to me