When will we achieve freedom?

I want to play HEARTHSTONE and win World Champianship and here is the summary…

Everything happens in Automatic + Manual modes.

Manual mode is freewill through consciousness.

Automatic mode is unable to have freewill through consciousness.

Laws governing the World are Automatic+Manual

and Life can have Manual mode in addition to Automatic mode.

Our World/Universe has CODE/LAWS which are AUTOMATIC+MANUAL.

Our CODE ( in this forum ) is bugged with Schizophrenia some with Depression included, including myself

and others with other types of bugged CODE.

Our Erroneous CODE happens day in and day out.

When will we achieve freedom?

Success is just one step away for the blessed

and for us who have bugged life

success is almost impossible

if not impossible.

Sure, it’s impossible.

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When will we achieve freedom?

I don’t need “success”, which is just an artifical vision created by a heavily marketed & deluded people. There’s no point in racing like a rat down here to find some pot of gold. I’d much rather mellow out, dream, and find a higher purpose with God - an eternal one.


Absolutely awesome answer.

if you have scottish ancestry…never. lol :smiley:
take care :alien:

I’m 1/16th scottish take care

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Very interesting, I’m 1/4th.


When you gain so much (self)awareness that when you look around you can detect and recognize ideology behind ‘obviousness’ and when you are able to see who stands behind certain idea, in which ways and why is it represented the way it is.
When you can distinguish what is yours from what is introjected&perceived as’yours’.

It requires an open mind, which is freedom by itself.

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