When will 4mg of Risperidone get into my system?

Dear all,

My medication has been increased to 4mg to counter a voice I am experiencing. The voice is still present despite two mgs of Risperdone. It is something that I want to eliminate as it distracts and slightly annoys me.

How long before the voice subsides on the new medication?

I think it will take 2 to 4 weeks to get into your system - I’m on 4mg of risperidone and it took at least 2 weeks before I felt any positive effects.

it took 2 months for my risperdone meds to build in my system. make sure you get your doctor to check your prolactin levels with this medication, and if they are high you may wish to switch. The prolactin comes from pituatary tumors that Risperdal is known to cause. These tumors push on parts of your brain that produce hormones, and the prolactin can build causing gynecomastia or hairloss.