When well does you brain give you some protection from old delusions?

Last month I was unwell. I could give you a detailed account of my thoughts and delusions, everything seemed so real and all my different delusions added up into one big conspiracy. All I remember from it now is that I threatened my mental health team that if the persons outside my window kept whispering and shouting (A certain word) I was going to kidnap them until the police arrested them.

I look back now and can’t remember all the delusions only the kidnap part? Why is that?

(btw my mental health team was very good and got me 5mg zyprexa and sleeping pills that night, very quick)

I’ve noticed the same thing. I can remember everything about where I’ve been and what I’ve done fairly well and even vividly during the years I was in the ultra phase of my scz, but I can’t exactly remember how the actual scz actually played out. I can remember very few things about the scz voices and things playing out.

I noticed that the brain simply discards the scz events playing out in our minds like useless information.

The brain has the ability to discard obsolete information, or it would be too aware of every little detail and incapable of focusing in specific tasks.

This stands apart from computers which can be ultra aware of more information than a person can be all at the same time as well as focusing on single or multiple things based on that river of information as it calculates, discerns, and reacts.

I’m digressing here, but I think that the inefficient in the computers is that they don’t combine processors together. That is to say that each processor for each kind of information such as light info, infra red info, hearing info, chemical info and so on and so forth is all processed separately.

In order to be more like a brain they would have to connect external stimuli processors together with every other kind of processor, so that the information from each of them can cross into each other. This is what the brain is good at; cross pollinating information from other processors on yet other processors."

If they can solve this difference or problem, I think we’re talking about 10,000+ IQ systems. There are many that are worried about this in regard to AI or Artificial Technology. I need to drill down into the informational structures within the AI systems to see if they are crossing the processors similarly to the way the brain works.

But imagine if we saved all of the data from our scz delusions and hallucinations. We’d be overloaded with this data from fake events. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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