When was your longest time spent in hospital?

A month in inpatient, and as a teen, a year in intensive outpatient where I went there all day everyday but slept at home each night

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longest 4 months, shortest 1 month, been in hospital 5 or 6 times but who’s counting? haven’t been in hospital in 5 years. my first stay for 4 months was the nicest hospital i’ve been in, it was actually kinda nice, because it was winter and i didn’t have to go outside, so spent my winter in hospital and got out when the weather warmed up. i remember the baltimore ravens won the super bowl while i was in there haha. and one of the pysch nurses used to wear a vancouver shirt, and i would ask him about it, and he said “visit in summer” haha.

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we could play basketball or workout in my first hospital stay. i remember reading about samuel champlain and algonquin native americans and other tribes, with a book my sister brought me.

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I’ve been in the psyche ward once, for one week. Since then my insight has been good enough to remain an outpatient.

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The longest I spent in inpatient psych ward was about a month. I was more typically held for only a week or two.

My claim to fame was being released from the hospital repeatedly only to be readmitted a week or two later. It was a revolving door like this for me for about 15 years until it just stopped completely when my depression vanished.

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The longest I spent in was 11 days the shortest was 3. I’ve been in the ICU twice.

About two years in two different hospitals around 1998-2000.

Longest for me was a week.

3 weeks, felt like 3 months.

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