When was your last relapse or emergency??

When was your last relapse or emergency ??

One week ago
I had a mini episode

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Been a few years, was off meds, now I stay on them, done with trying to get by without them.
It is very costly for me if I get sick


Yours? 15151515151

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Three years ago.1212121212121212

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3 years ago
My doc increasing and decreasing dose
No need for secret code :grin::grin:


I think it was around 2014 and I wrote a suicide not andasked to go to the mental hospital not because of psychosis but because I just wanted to die. I thought life would never get better.


Two months ago. Got prescribed antidepressants, then the dose was upped without any supervision from the doctor (who prescribed the new dose though, but never saw me again to check on how I was reacting to it), so I ended up with a SSRI induced manic attack. I admitted myself to hospital as I couldn’t sleep or walk properly anymore. Had to wear a crutch until recently, still don’t know why half of my body didn’t respond properly.

Last week.

My pdoc tried reducing my Haldol from 30 mg to 20. I was okay for the first month but then all hell broke loose. First i needed my rescue med every day for a week. Then last week, I had three different auditory hallucination episodes. I’ve talked to my pdoc and we’re back to 30 mg. i only get breakthrough symptoms once or twice a month at 30 mg.

I found this forum after Saturday’s raging voices, so there WAS something good to come out of that.

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October last year.

Two months ago went into hospital for three weeks

5 years ago…

A few years ago I took 13 Klonopin and 28 Atavan. It wasn’t a suicide attempt. I was trying to get stoned. The pills turned out to be stronger than I thought. When my caseworker found me I couldn’t walk. They took me to the emergency room and then to the mental hospital. I was kicked out of the apartments for a few years because of that.

Feburary of 2017. I did a one week stay.

I think about 7 years ago

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