When was the last time you worked?

i havent been employed for 8 years. but mom and dad work me nearly everyday, mowing the yard, cleaning the gutters, moving furniture, putting in the dock, putting in insulation or whatever carpentry crap needed to get done while they were fixing up their upstairs. putting in can lights, etc.

today mom sent me to clean an outdoor rug and bring it back to her.

i hope to be employed again soon, 16 hours a week, then they will have to find another errand boy haha.

I have never had a paid job. Now 35.

About 30 minutes ago. At lunch now. About to go back.

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A few minutes ago. Go back in the morning.

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tbh the only reason im able to work is because i work for a family member. i can make my own schedule, and dont have to work that hard. when i had a regular job it never lasted more than 3 to 4 months

The last time I C worked was 14 years ago.

I resigned from my job in 2017 after my surgery. I tried to stay but I didn’t want to be there anymore.

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I last worked in June, 2020- the first time I got sick. I took a voluntary redundancy from my job and got a decent payout at least. Im currently on income protection insurance but don’t think I’ll be able to go back to work- so that will end soon. I’m not eligible for disability because my partner earns too much so I’ll be earning nothing soon enough.

The last time I worked was I think March. It lasted 4 days.

I don’t even put it on my CV.

Hope that is going to be okay. I’d probably add it on again once I’ve got long term jobs to prove that I’m stable now…,

6 months ago because I became a full-time student. I’m trying to find summer jobs, but so far I had no luck.

Working late tonight, so right now.


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My main job one day ago
My PRN job about 5 days ago

I’ve never worked. I’ve got a job though.

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