When was the last time you worked?

It’s been almost two years since I last worked. The pandemic got in the way of a few promising job opportunities last year, and right now I’m prepping for a move that should take place in fall and am planning to wait until after I’ve gotten everything situated in my new place to look for a new job. There should be much better job opportunities there than where I’m currently living anyway lol.

The work ethic has punished my conscience for so long I now say to hell with it!

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Fir some reason immediately pictured super saiyan from dragon ball z :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Working right now. Putting some extra in to catch up on all the policy changes that came in today.

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I worked for a day about a week ago.

  1. And the whole experience was a disaster. The young people that worked there hated me and made my life miserable. And I sucked as a waitress.
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Every damn day. Being this good takes work.

2005 ? Went back to work for borders the bookstore but got a little paranoid and went back on the pension. Been pretty much doing volunteering a couple of half days a week since then though.

I didn’t really work for the past 3 years. Did some studying and worked on my mental health and did some vacationing while I lived off some savings.
School didnt work out the way I hoped so its been back to work.
And if I work for 4months full-time then that will be the longest streak of full-time work I’ve done since I was 23. Had a part time business for like 8 years


do you have some disability paying now then? How do you pay for stuff otherwise? I hope you doing ok without the job.

Last time I worked full-time was in 2012. Last time I tried working part-time was last year. I lasted 3 weeks.

In February I quit my job. Nothing I did wrong…on the job. They loved me. I wasn’t ready for work though. I Was a janitor. I think I’m ready now. Hopefully I get a job through AA although I’m not banking on it. I’ve heard of people getting jobs through AA.

I worked as a computer programmer and web designer until September 28th, 2001. That’s when I broke my neck and all went to hell in a handbasket


Today. It was hell. I am not sure if I can keep up with this. At the very least I need some R&R

No, my family is helping me out right now.

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About 7 years. Before Sz diagnosis.

It’s been many years since I last worked.
The stress was making me crazy.

2 minutes ago I just got done doing the dishes

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Paid work was about 28 years ago, where ive worked for the local council in the mainframe room, and as a care assistant doing 60 hours a week. I loved the night shifts cos in summer, before i got paranoid, i would sleep on the beach all day.

Currently a “tea lady” off an on at an elderly day centre round the corner as a volunteer.

I still hold a part time job. I’ve called out twice in three weeks already due to schizophrenia related issues. Had to go home early once. I am a delivery driver. And sometimes driving makes me paranoid if I don’t get a break. I’m applying to a new job as a data entry person. Sounds easy and pays well. Fingers crossed I get it. It feels good contributing to the world. I don’t want to lose my social security though.