When was the last time you were snubbed?

…and how did it feel…?

Only last summer. I asked a woman in my apartment complex, who is only a few years older than me, to be my friend and she refused saying that she is “too busy”.

when I was snubbed I felt really hurt which brought tears 2 my eyes

anyone else feel snubbed?

What time is it now?

Regularly snubbed at work by younger co-workers. Used ito it.

I felt a little snubbed at my debutante ball.

The other girls just didn’t really like me because I had a reputation for smoking weed and partying a lot.

However, that was when I was eighteen and I’m pretty well over it.

All those girls became Stepford wives anyway, so jokes on them.

I feel we can get luck from being snubbed anyone agree ?

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