When was the last time you were excited for christmas?


I cant remember really maybe high school. that would be like 18 years ago. also coming home from college was kind of cool, I got to see my high school chums.


I really can’t remember a good xmas outcome, been over thirty years


you know the last few years I’ve been getting gifts for people but that doesn’t really help me get into it either. i’d probably feel just as good giving the money to a charity of some kind.


I’ve enjoyed Christmas every year my whole life. I go out of my way to get in the Christmas spirit and this year is no exception…I may be broke but I am happy just staring at my Christmas decorations brightly lit. keeps me happy. I feel bad for those that don’t enjoy this time of year.


I always enjoy watching “its a wonderful life” probably my favorite Christmas movie. so I guess that’s something.


I am not much on the holiday. It is just expensive buying gifts and decorations and all that Jazz.

But when I was in the military we always got leave that time of the year. I always tried to get the New Year rather than Christmas because I used to drink and raise hell before I got sick. But sometimes I had the Christmas leave period.

They let everyone have one or the other and it’s pretty much the only vacation I ever took. When I retired I sold back 60 days of vacation. That was the max you could accrue. I even lost some. We got 30 days a year but I usually only used 10 or so.

Probably should have taken it.

Anyway. Merry Christmas. :christmas_tree:


Same here. The Christmas season is always a season of good cheer for me.


Probably back before 2008 when I was living with my mom. But I really don’t remember. Since I’ve been living on my own Christmas has been pretty lonely, especially now that Mother has died. The only family I have now is my sister and her family. They live in Maryland while I’m still in Arkansas.


@jukebox @crimby Yes! Me too! I am all about the Christmas spirit!

I am always excited about Christmas. About halfway through the year, I start paying attention to the things the kids say they want. I make lists (OCD…) and start slowly buying stuff. I even have lists for stocking stuffers! I bought all of the kids’ Christmas things back in October, but I’ve added a couple of items. I enjoyed decorating (still need to put outside lights up, though, but we don’t have much space because we’re in a townhouse), and I did the whole downstairs- even the half bath. I even got special holiday soap and lotion!

But it’s about more than buying things. I try to be kind to others. I am volunteering, and I love saying, “Merry Christmas!” when people check out. I just love all of it. The movies, the love, the joy of seeing my kids open their presents, baking cookies or making ornaments with my kids, and of course… doing things with the Elf on the Shelf!!!


Last time I was excited about Christmas, I was about 11 years old.


I don’t really remember the last time i was excited about Christmas. Maybe back when i was married. That was over twelve years ago, so it’s been a while.


When I was a little kid
Next to nothing excites me anymore. I blame it all on medication and the illness.


I don’t get excited anymore.


Ya. I forgot about being a kid. I used to love Christmas. Not for the gifts I would get Christmas morning but for all the stuff my Dad would buy me at the after Christmas sales. He used to go nuts.

Anybody remember a store I think it was called Western Playland. That was many years ago. They used to discount everything.

Dad really spoiled us but only when things were a good buy.


The name of that store was Western Auto not playland. They sold auto parts and paint but loaded up on toys for Christmas. And after Christmas they basically gave them away to make room for their auto parts. It was a real deal.

Western Playland is an amusement park in Texas.


I usually get up for it. I like to buy presents for my family, and I enjoy the holiday decorations my mom puts up.


when I was a child


When my kids were little it was fun to see them excited. Excitement doesn’t happen much anymore. Just pushing through.


I think that before too long I am going to watch the George C. Scott version of “A Christmas Carol”.


@crimby how odd you say that…that is next on our Netflix…George C. Scott is the man !!