When was the last time you had some good luck?

I think considering the fact I have schizophrenia I’m pretty lucky. It’s like my luck is constantly compensating for the fact I have schizophrenia.


Any day I am not in the hospital or any day I am not smoking crack (which has been 37 years) I count that as a lucky day.


The last time I had good luck was when I went to the dentist and she said the lesion on my lip was probably nothing major.

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When I tried ziprexa was my lucky day


Do u work now nic the mountain. …???

At the moment with invega sustenna I can’t do anything. I change my therapy next month with clozapine or ziprexa and probably I start to work again

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Inform me once u work .

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I’ve posted this on another thread…Two weeks ago I found a $5 note just sitting in the middle of the oval.

Last game of cricket I was dropped two times by the same person and went on to top score with 41. You ride your luck with cricket all that time!


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