When was the last time something brought tears to your eyes?

A truly non-sentimental tear. Something that was beautiful. Anyone?

The last time for me was when my therapist told me she and I were soul friends and that we were meant to know each other. This resonated with me because I had been thinking the exact same thing. It’s like we were completely on the same page for a moment, which is a big deal for a psychotic like me.

Besides crying over my suffering, I hadn’t had a beautiful moment that brought me to tears in as long as I can remember. I was born a Saturn child, with a gray cloud over me, and stuff like this doesn’t happen often.


Does it have to be beautiful?

If you want to share an ugly inspired tear then go for it

The last time that happened to me I was psychotic. I saw color like I never saw it before. It amazed me.

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I just thought it should be anything that touched us by any means.

Well…a few days ago, my kid called my boyfriend ‘daddy’. I just ran to another room.

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I cry everytime i meet my therapist :blush:

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[quote=“Bluey, post:1, topic:33425”]
A truly non-sentimental tear. Something that was beautiful. Anyone?[/quote]

Yesterday… don’t remember what it was since it happens very often. Several times a week.

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When I realise that Shania Twain has never had a minimal interest on me!!! :joy:

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I cried watching disney pixars “inside out” in the theatre. I was trying not to chuckle as I could hear one of the kids in the theatre crying at one of the scenes until, the movie scene got me, and I started to cry. I looked around to make sure no one saw that.

One of my favorite movies


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Ya lol it surprised me at how good it was.

Did you know that we have tear sacks? Well I think that if we don’t cry once and a while that they will exert pressure on our brains and make us crazy so that eventually we will have to cry. I cried once while watching “Little House on the Prairie” one day just out of the blue and thought: “Man, what the hell is wrong with me?”

When my dad told me I’ll end up homeless.

I cried at the vet’s office today. I was helping my roommate take her dogs in for shots and when I walked in, there was a cat laying on a towel on the counter barely moving. Her owner was taking her home. Don’t know what the problem was or if the cat was expected to recover, but I sat in the waiting room with Roodog and cried. It’s been a rough couple of days.

I’m a flat character.

Everybody missed the point of the thread @Bluey

Today. It might have been something in the natural world-the storm or maybe the change in the seasons. I can say there certainly is a lot of ugliness in the world today.

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I know. He said sad was okay partway through the thread :confused: I’m just having a hard time thinking of happy or joyful that means anything. Stephen Colbert’s Friday always chokes me up with something that feels like hope, but it seemed dumb to say.

lol no biggie, I’m not in a very good mood. Maybe I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

Why? It’s not dumb, if Stephen Colbert brings you joy so be it. I worked with an autistic kid who would calm down listening to the most boring polititian we have here in Portugal… Sometimes it brings me hope to see dumb facebook posts. Share your hope rhubes, pleaasee

Funny, I worked with an autistic kid too. His favorite song was Smells Like Teen Spirit, which he would sing along to at the top of his lungs.

Turn the lights out!
Eat potatoes!
Here we are now!
Eat potatoes!

He found a deep relevance to his own life and interests in it.


I can relate. Smell like teen spirit was my song in my teenage years. It was only mine.

Off to bed. Share your hope, I’ll like it in the morning :smile: