When was last time you

When was last time you were called crazy?

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My sister would tell me that my thoughts and behaviour are not normal or that my head is not ok but never tells me I’ m crazy even though that is what she meant. At times like that I normally loose all my respect for her.

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Yeaterday. My friend said I was feeling better now. She could tell when things go bad because I give her crazy phone calls, last time was in December.

Quote from a pitbull song( that applies to the topic):
“Baby I don’t care I don’t care what they say” :laughing:
This is from the song Calle Ocho.

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I don’t actually remember, but I forget a lot of conversations anyway.

few days ago, someone on 7cups called me insane, after I shared explicit messages.

before that, mom called me crazy for walking back and forth a few houses

I feel like the music video from youtube of Calle Ocho unfairly objectifies women.
So I recommend against watching it.

What did you say?

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I’ve probably been called that behind my back a lot. But it doesn’t pay to dwell on what you think people are saying behind your back.


Today. By my son. But he was joking, teasing me.

Several years ago, my lover, at the time, told me, “I happen to know you are crazy”.
One time, a friend of mine, told someone else that, “Gina is insane”, referring to me. This was about 20 years ago.

Two hours ago, I was having a bad time after drinking Coffee and writing an essay too long, mum told me “you need to take a step back, go for a walk, you’re acting crazy” I don’t mind she doesn’t mean it with any malice, she calls me bonkers and nutty too

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No one ever tells me but I know lots of people are thinking it.
It’s OK, I’m thinking the same thing about them.


At least a few times every day, if not by me myself then whomever I happen to be with.
Sometimes they’re not so sweet, but it’s always in an okay way.

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Thursday. I was out for coffee with a friend. But I was the one who said it, not her.

I know it bothers a lot of people, and with good reason. But if it’s ever been said to me without an undercurrent of affection, then I’ve forgotten it. When I’m called that, it’s mainly by people who love me.


It is called gila in Malay. But I sometimes mistake gula (sugar) for gila (crazy).

It is like pun in English with soundalike words.

I was called crazy and stupid a few times especially when I was running away from home. Not a nice experience to recall.

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