When was last time you felt super good?

i can say its been for ever…that i can’t remember. sorry

5 days ago
I did a meditation retreat on line


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Last time I felt super good was everyday since June 16, 2020 when my wife and I held a private, symbolic, marriage ceremony at our home.

Today. I realised I was stressed. And instead of binging I decided to destress by taking myself to the library and for a cappuccino. I feel so much better for leaving the house

I made out with this 27 year old blond chick in my first psyche ward. I was 19.

All I can say is it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Right now. Came to a life changing realization.

Right now. 151515151515

I feel super calm since I started my ad last week. Wellbutrin seems to do the trick for me.

i feel especially well when i do physical exercises, i.e. workouts.

also, when i can communicate ‘normally’ to a friend or family member.

also, music and dance and art make me feel good.