When was last time you felt super good?

Was it a long time ago?


Last week, hit a major goal with paying down some debt and a month early as well.


Right now I feel awesome! :blush: felt better this past week than in the last nine years!


Probably when I had psychosis sex lol.

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That’s the only time in my life bar one other time that I enjoyed sex.

Since I met my x boyfriend in sa I have been best I’ve ever been.

I was happiest with him but am still well by myself but miss him and am not aaaas happy as I was but am still really well.

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I’m glad you’re still really well. So happy for you SacredNeigh you deserve it. :heart:

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After I got married and before I had children. So 13 years ago, I was mentally stable for five minutes. Hah.

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When I got my first review for work I’d done through the verified tradesman portal I am a member of.

I had not read an appraisal of my work like that for a long time.

It was quite satisfying to read someone’s comments who was so pleased with a job I did for them.

Kinda hard to feel that great again, but I am sure something will hopefully happen again soon to give me a boost.

Just got out of a few weeks of hell with my anxiety due to the benefits issues I have been having. The specialist from the mental health team never returned my call :-/

A long time ago unfortunately

Today was a good day.

I feel good on weekends. I felt super good a few years before my 1st psychosis and before that.

im too tired to feel happy.im getting old and i dont exercise.maybe i should exercise.

Blush.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:,…when you smoke crack you meet some freaky girls.

  1. For a few months. It was 5 years ago. Wow.

About a month ago. I don’t want to sound shallow but I was losing weight slowly and because I hav low self esteem that made me feel a lil better

Yesterday,the boy who I’m dating came to my house and we had a good sex :wink:

Last and only time I was happy was around autumn 2012 or maybe 2013. I was given a separate room in dorm abroad for being a good student. The floor was completely empty that day and it was weekend. I bought discount chocolate and buns. I spent whole day watching older Japanese cartoons alone and silent. Noone could possibly interrupt or interfere with me, and I finally stepped on a good track in life, with an honest intellectual career ahead of me.

Looking back I was so happy I could cry. Schizophrenia took all and didn’t even choke.

A little over 6 years ago latuda made me feel like Superman. Never again.

yesterday i felt so good i even felt excited about my future, namely hope.