When u can't take it anymore

what can you do if you can’t take it anymore,
while still on the best combo. of meds
a very good doctor
a loving/concerned family
Not being able to withstand the physical or mental aspects anymore
just want peace of mind
sometimes it is unbearable
praying just for the next day to come
I thinks i also suffer from post traumatic stress disorder
stress from being harassed and hurt by other people


Hang in there see121 things can better you gotta have hope. Believing it’s real is the first thing you can change. It’s absolutely not real. There is no magic like that. It took me years to get over my delusions. You gotta try and force yourself to know its not real… Hopefully that will bring you some peace.

Take care of yourself. People love you. No one would do this to you.

Starts with 5 seconds of normality and you can try and build from there.


Do the best you can and take things one day at a time. That’s sometimes the best we can do. It will get better in time. I hope the best for you.


When I feel like that I try to just go to sleep. Or distract myself with anything


i feel for you.
i have had 5 days of on and off psychosis…yeah i love psychosis ( joking ) :wink:
know someone cares
take care :alien:


Best thing to do is try and remember happy times, regardless of how few you think you’ve had and long ago they seemed. For me I remember reading in a book something that helped me face hard moments like this and it’s to ask myself 2 questions: Do I really want to do for all times or just for this moment in time?

Then if I can’t think of an answer for that I ask myself: What are my plans for tomorrow…or distant future? Regardless of how big or small they are. Plans do help. I have a big dream of being a published author, and it’s given me something to shoot for. I don’t know how far into the future this will be, but it’s something I really want to happen so whenever I can’t answer the first question I think about that specific goal.

I also think about things like I’m planning on going to my grandma’s (dad’s mom) 90th birthday party at the end of March, and it will be fun to see all my aunts/uncle’s/cousins. My dad has a very large family he had 6 sisters and 4 brothers to start off with…picture all of them getting married (at least once) and having at least one kid most have two or three a few had four or five. Most of those kids are married and/and or have their own kids. Big family…almost always something going on.

Then I finally promise myself I will never hurt myself in the heat of the moment. I will no matter how hard it is wait at least 24 hours before I do anything. Even if it means curling up in bed and avoiding the world it’s not hurting myself. Eventually I have to get out of bed and face the world but not when I feel like that.

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I try and give myself some alone time and sort of get out of circulation for a bit.

I don’t want to sound trite, but I’ll take a bath in a dimly light room and very soft music.

But It’s not easy at the height of crumbling. I get so tired of myself and just wish for some peace and quiet.

It’s all I can do somedays is to throw a temper tantrum, shred a big phone book to pieces, eat a good meal, then jump into bed and go to sleep.

To help get to sleep, I picture my future in my own little world where I have control of my time, and there I find things to make me happy.

DBT helps me, mindfulness, being in the moment, Radical acceptance ect.