When to take zoloft(sertraline)

I have sleepiness problem. I sleep too much in morning and afternoon. Right now im taking sertraline 50mg in morning, and it seems to be helping in reducing sleep.

I was wondering if sertraline is taken at night, will it still have activating effects in morning ? Will it still reduce morning sleepiness if zoloft is taken at night ?

I want to go home I’m at work and I’m tired. I am wanting to paint my warhammer miniatures and play world of Warcraft.

oh no, I’m starting to feel paranoid on sertraline. Felt like crying. I guess I have to stop sertraline

My experience with anti-depressants is that if it works in the morning to reduce sleepiness you should leave it that way. If you switch to night it will change the time of day you are feeling activated.

How long have you been taking it?

today was my 2nd sertraline 50mg day. 2 days. I started on 50mg

I don’t think you would be getting paranoia from it already. Maybe something else is triggering you??

No, its sertraline. I felt reduced sleep on 1st day itself. Side effects come fast while benefits come slow.

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oh no! Well I’m sorry that’s not working out for you. It’s too bad because zoloft is a good one. Maybe your pdoc can try something else. Can you call him/her?

I’m not sure. I always took it at night. I was a little spacey the first month and then fine after that.

Update: I’ve not stopped sertraline. I’m going to try 25mg for now.

I hope 25mg sertraline + tea should make me awake

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I take 200mg of sertraline. And I take it at night.

thats very high dose, i would prolly be hospitalized after taking 200mg

It’s the highest dose. I can’t go any higher but it’s made a real difference in my life combined with paliperidone.