When to give up on life?

i don’t know whether you will bother replying to this @Joker but don’t give up, same to @Aziz things change, life is one big road ahead just take things one day at a time and you will get through this

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I advise against giving up. The right meds can change things a lot.


as long as we are alive we should never give up on life, life is precious even if we have a hard time i am still grateful for being alive and i will never give up.

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You just have to stay busy when you catch yourself ruminating. Try to think about solutions. Can you get on a medication for your high blood sugar? It might decrease your appetite.

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It’s a nightmare at the moment.

I am on my 3rd med switch in 5 months, and I am exhausted from it

Don’t know what the answer is, but something has to give

Give it a couple more weeks for meds to kick in
Hopefully you’ll start to feel better than you do now
Just try and trust the doctor

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I hope it will be sorted by then

Just worried that I have been on Lurasidone before and had a relapse even though I was compliant

Also I got really bad akasthisa that really messed with me

Just have little confidence at the moment

I’m sure you will be okay
You’ll be back to work soon bringing the money in again!
Just have some faith in the doctor

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My pdoc gives me Wellbutrin for my negatives. Helps a bit.

I agree with the above. Just take it day by day.

The weather is also getting better. There is that.


never give up. i dont have much energy for most stuff but i find enjoyable things to do. still requires forcing myself to get started but once i start doing things i enjoy i feel more accomplished than when im just laying in bed even if its just grinding halo or cod for a couple hours or working up a sweat in VR games

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Yes, the exhaustion… it is terrible.

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Never give up. Keep seeking help and don’t stop until someone helps you.

There’s a Dr out there that would disagree with what you’ve been told. From what I’ve read , surely a doctor can’t write you off.

Take good care

Nesta xx

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I think you need to think about your bodies health more Aziz. Sitting in bed all day isnt good for you. Its also more likely to make you feel depressed and low self esteem etc.

Do you have anyone you could go visit? Or anything you could go see like a gig or a movie or an art gallery etc?
Sometimes making objectives like that can get me motivated to live more.

Don’t take this personally, but I feel like maybe your doctors think you are looking for a fix from medication, where as actually the effort also has to come from you too. Meds make it easier but they dont fix you.

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I had bad akathisia on 80-120mg Latuda, couldn’t sleep at night from it.

I am on 111mg at the moment, and they want me on 128mg.

Taking it in the morning this time, and so far so good

Last time I had the akasthia and it wasn’t good

The pdoc thinks that pregabalin and diazepam will help with stopping that happening

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Very inspiring, thank you for sharing your personal struggle.

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I think if you continue to be disappointed in yourself, you won’t ever be happy. Look at the good parts of yourself and try to do things that will make you happy however little. You’ve got negative symptoms, but you are letting them take over your life for sure. I’m rooting for you.


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