When to get on clozapine?

At what point did you decide to get on clozapine? I feel out of control in my life but gaining weight makes me feel so bad about myself. Gays are superficial and I’m losing my looks. I have family but we aren’t close… I want to love something and I dunno if clozapine will effect that, but it feels like I’m ruining my life… I have breast tissue from the risperdal which will never go away… sorry for venting to you all but having this illness while having a dad who works on the us navy base base had really ■■■■■■ up my life… it’s like my mind is putting the pieces together the taking them away

Clozapine is more or less a last resort med :raccoon::raccoon::raccoon:

Whats it do to your self esteem? Did you have that problem? I feel like I’m going to agitate my parents to get sent to the state hospital…

His words exactly were “you know i would love to send you a way for a year to the state hospital”

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It helps with voices and other positive symptoms. It is a very strong med. I would say I have a low self esteem, but I don’t know if it is from the Clozapine or not. :frog::frog::frog:

I hope you feel better gray bear.

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Thanks. You too. :bird::bird::bird:

It’s a medication of last resort because of the danger of it depleting your white blood cell count, and requires a periodic blood test.

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Yeah I’m on it, it’s done good for me besides weight gain, tried about 10-12 different APs,
Clozapine has probably been the best so far, just have a problem with overeating and being too sedated.

Have to get periodic blood test for it

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