When things go a little wrong

Those are the days when as @velociraptor might say ‘the cheese can fall of my cracker’ . I do OK with a simple lifestyle that’s running smoothly. Where stress is reduced to a minimum. Something like today (internet playing up) can really do a number on my mental well being.


a little bit of stress is good, challenges you.

I’m in limbo between living a quiet lifestyle for the rest of my life or giving it another go. I’m 34 so it’s still 30 years till my retirement.

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I am 34 too! The prospect of retirement doesn’t exist for us, as we will die 20 years before the others

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My psychiatrist told me that early death is mainly due to smoking and overweight. I quit smoking 3 years ago and I have a healthy weight. So, she said I normally wouldn’t die young because of meds. I hope she’s right.

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So do I


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I’m the same @firemonkey . And it seems to be getting worse for me. It doesn’t take much to get my stress levels way up these days.

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This week went a lot wrong and it’s still going wrong. I wish stupid people would stay out of my life and just be stupid in their own little chunk of the world.

My GP told me I was at risk from an early death due to all the side effects from my old med (40mg Olanzapine). I was fat and my blood tests always came back bad, and I smoked. He warned me I was at risk of having a heart attack. That scared the sh*t out of me. I quit smoking 13 years ago, then began tapering down my meds but when I go too low I became psychotic, so I switched meds, I’ve since lost all that weight, I am no longer fat, and my blood work is good now.

This topic has come up twice over the last few weeks so I looked it up. Men with schizophrenia have an average life span of 60 years, women 68 years. And because those are averages, that means by definition half die before that. I think because I am healthy now I will live past 60 unless I develop new health problems.

Congrats on quitting smoking, I know from experience it is not easy. My doctor is no longer concerned about me either. He said for my build my weight is fine. Plus I looked it up and I am a normal healthy weight for my height according to the BMI now.

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I hope next week goes much better for you.

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It won’t. Our health care system has been crashed by moronic @#$%heads who eat sheep dewormer and now we have eight years old dying because they can’t get their cancer surgery. All the beds are occupied by the unvaxxed.

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I think the health care system has their priorities ass backwards. Send the antivaxxers home to suffocate and die, it’s there own fault they need to be hospitalized, they have had plenty of time to get their vaccination by now, take care of the cancer patients (and all other patients) first.


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