When things don't go as planned, trying to write

A few days ago I wrote what I felt was a nice poem, written from the viewpoint of someone who was dying and wanted to tell their loved ones they’d be okay.
However, it read like a suicide note, so I decided against posting it :sweat_smile:

I’m glad I’ve made it a habit to proofread such things before I publish them.

I also once wrote a short story I thought was really unique, but did what I always do with such things. That is, I left it for a few days and came back to it before publishing. It looked like I’d ripped off Planet Of The Apes, so I had to scrap it. Dang it!

Do you guys ever have mishaps like that when trying to write things?

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When I was writing my book, 3/4 of the way through a friend sent me a copy of hers. I sent her my manuscript.

After reading a bit of hers, I emailed her, all frantic, swearing I never knew what she was writing and apologized that it was so similar. She wrote back that she didn’t think it was similar at all.

The point is, sometimes we see similarities where there’s none or only basics. In our case it was just that the main character was female and cocky.


There is no “mishaps” in creative writing. It is an outlet for expression. Writing anything is an achievement, even if it is similar to other things. Most people like certain themes and genres, and will read endless iterations of those same themes time and time again. I mean, how much of the fantasy genre is heavily formatted after JRR Tolkien’s world? How much classic literature is about a forbidden love? How many YA books are about a teenager born into an unfair world who brings about a revolution? People relate to certain themes, and gravitate towards them no matter how many times they are told.


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