When there's judgment instead of healing

I got a judging doctor when I was in college. He apparently thought mental illness had to do with having committed crimes against humanity. I was no saint, but he was picking on me until I misbehaved.

I had a pdoc who was extremely condescending to me. Always talked down to me and made me feel like an idiot and that I wasn’t capable of anything. She frequently tried to talk me out of going to college and going to work because she didn’t think I would be able to handle it.

Sometimes I wish people would have been more realistic with me about my likely prognosis. It was offered to me instead that I could do anything I set my heart on.

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I had a male doctor tell me I shouldn’t have children cause of my diagnosis… safe to say I never went back to him again

That’s just crazy. Even if a peson did pass on sz it’s no worse than passing on any other chronic illness. And nobody is born sz right? That’s the funny part. It just suddenly appears in early youth or in the 20’s for most. And unlike many other chronic illnesses there is a tiny chance for complete recovery.

I had rose tinted glasses when it came to pdocs. They were ripped off a week or so into my 1st hospitalisation . I was told I was going to make doll’s houses in therapy. I was well aware I had no ability for that kind of thing. Indeed I’d even been struggling at the things I was good at. I got so stressed out I tried walking into the hospital bus , but was dragged from its path.

There was no attempt to see why I’d reacted like that .Just a middle aged pdoc telling me I was awkward and troublesome. That set the tone for further interactions with mental health professionals . It was easier for them to character assassinate rather than make any attempt to understand and help.

To be fair not all were bad. There were a few good ones , but many of them were chewed up by the system and spat out.

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No, actually I know of a family whose son was born sz.

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Sin have consequences it might not be evident right now but can have future consequences. For example if someone kills a person surely it have consequences to the victim, their family. Also to the killer their family. It not just stop from there but to future generations and so on. A person can suffer from ones own sin and also due to sin of other persons. Genetic based chronic diseases can also be like this it can pass from generations to generations, some get lucky so they get spared but it doesnt mean they can’t pass it to next generation.

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