When there is a next life


I will be an ant and feel insignificant like the others.
What you want to be in your next life when there is an option?


Nothing. I am tired of births and deaths


I am afraid of nothing.


Where does the light goes when its switched off? Into nothing i guess.


switching the light off has no bearing on the light already emitted.


One thing that I think fueled my delusions about being reborn into different dimensions with each lifetime was the fear of absolute death. Sure, according to this delusion, I would technically die, but I would also continue on living forever.


One view is that you never die, just that the rest of the world goes away


I can’t really afford to believe that. When I begin to believe I’m special, especially in a cosmic, spiritual, or supernatural way, I begin to slip.


Your still actually dead, but it’s an egocentric view of death


Ahhhh, I have a list of things that would be different. At 34 it’s not healthy for me to think about too much, gotta concentrate on this life. But if I was an elderly man right now I’d probably go on and on about it :slight_smile:


I don’t want a next life.


I want to come back as a skunk. You rub me the wrong way and I’ll spray. And if that is not an option I want to come back as something almost everyone likes…a Taco Bell.



i wanta no pain or stress and more