When the world stopped caring achievement and why we are all doomed by ourselves

Rewards in poetry and creative writing are given
to the most diverse population

but not judged by merit or substance,
more so by creating a lack of achievement,

it’s as if the country has said create a place
where writing is non judged.

On the one hand I like it,
on the other hand, I don’t.

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You have two hands??? Me too!


I took a country into myself as the greatest place to invent,

and I said, the masses don’t give a ■■■■, but I gave it more and more,
and I created for myself

a kind of freedom and opportunity that surprised even me.
They couldn’t be inspired or moved.

I took years to do good works in the world, never got hired,
never made money.

and I said, nothing I do is making any difference to anyone around me.
So I gave up.

a hundred thousand times

I gave up

and always came back,
lost to a world, but found the home.

And then when the best I could do
was seen, I knew that person also achieved

and I put a flag on my house.

I’ll read this later honey.

yeah, disappointing, some PH.d’s are reading garbage,

classics, baby!
Last year I read The Cider House Rules by John Irving,
and I talk about it all the time on Linked in when they bring up pro life,

if you don’t read it or do, or have, the main young character protégé
of the older doctor

refuses when he sees the fetus latches onto the instrument when inserted,
then changed his mind over a young woman pregnant from her father.

It’s a fabulous read, not one sided. Have you read about Zelda? Scott Fitzgerald’s wife?

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