When the Internet takes over

A world with sophisticated networks of servers and no matter where people go they keep seeing pools and pools of computer. Instead of asking for person’s real name, they ask each other for his/her username. Imagine that.


I’m pretty much already in that world, seeing that I mostly stay at home because of my sz…

I understand that you have no choice.

I think my generation was the last of the truly free, no cameras, no cell phones, no internet, back in the day you could probably walk home from the bar naked and you would probably just be laughed at, now it would go all over the world in seconds, it would trigger a massive police response and public out cry, with everyone locking up the women and children in the name of safety and your life would be destroyed

Gotta love progress…


I’ve always been paranoid about bars and avoided them, but wow!

It never happened, just saying how all this tech stuff and information has made society paranoid. I think the internet gives us to much information

Yes, too much information until it is difficult to digest.

I think we’re too reliant on the Internet.

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Science keeps advancing- I don’t know if it is scary or helpful.

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It’s wonderful that science keeps advancing, but what happens when the electricity goes out?:fearful:

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Battery power is also limited. :cry:

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I will be dead and gone, but as the population grows and all these robotic workers and self serve take over, who will they have to serve, no one will be working or have the money they need to keep the world turning. Self driving trucks, taxi’s, buses etc, on the news machines that make and package a pizza, automated warehouses it goes on and on, Big corporations are killing off their customers with technology. At some point it will backfire.


As a person who is probably,almost definitely, addicted to the internet I would say addiction is one of the worst aspects.
Life can revolve so much round being online that the ability and time to do other,sometimes essential, things is compromised.


This is a good thing…just not for our generation…when every humans needs are met without the use of humans…sure it will kill off the currency and current structure of the world…but it should end in a utopia for the future…we just got born into the dam transitional phase and its going to suck…

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Sounds like a nightmare… :worried:

There’s a group of scientist herding us in the robots do the work while humans enjoy life direction…the programs name fails me…but they explain it in greater detail…and the possible dystopia this may create…

idk how this will all play out, but i hope my future generations all are happy and find their way in life.

One reason I only have pets


pets are great they bring love in return for love, and they dont come with the issues of people friends.


Yeah my cat has no “pride” in relationship. Just love. No ego towards me leaving him the last two months.