When The Bookmarks & Favourites Last

Back in the good dope daze, I could walk geriatric through windows registery left and right button maze over THE PHONE! yA know Walkie Talkies and CB Band Radio Analingus. Retired pilots that did drone strikes whilest the boss was yelling, “The PLANE< THE PLAN>”. I don’t which bookmark to favorite the moistest for the hoistest.

The Division Bell Just Rang, its off to breakfast, which tooth this time?

Can pills replace teeth, or are pills to pour us?

Is madmen still in syndication or is off the books now?

No, I haven’t quit their medication and haven’t for 20 years. I only got older and wiseguyerie.

The only way I could be come a cop, is if I changed my screen name. I never did that. My fatal flaw.

Read Dwarf anyone? Hows Hobbiton Doing, now that Frodo got a 4th of July Treaty? Can any one dial up and recall an EMERGENCY! 4-1-1 I guess now I will have to get a blu-ray player to watch ww1 movies.

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