When talking can't save you. then what

Sorry that life got you to the point that you had to start taking meds. and meeting with people to handle you life too. but in the end or beginning there was a class fear that you may or may not be the person you have become. what a bout the future, well it isn’t written tell you pick up the pin and write it. make the system’s work for you not for them. just do the best you can and ever thing well be great. and it well, even after you have fall once or twice . back your self…………very impotent. with out it you are relying on others all your days. when you need your space and freedom in order to have a peace of mind. with out it you somebody’s puppet. show of you as a helpless person. be brave take on hobby’s that may get you notest’s and even famous. brake bonds, never levee paper work undone. and warship you and your god in silence. there well be times to speek. but untell then walk the walk of humanity and mercie. ever one is watching. thank you for your time Dr Zen


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