When someone tries to come off meds I'd advise against but I don't have the same advise for myself

Time j took my own advice

Bagged from another thread because it seems to fit here:

I don’t need to ask the question, “Why is it that the black & white / all or nothing thinking psychotic mind swings from ‘more meds, more meds’ to '■■■■ these meds and the doc who gives them to me?” I don’t have to ask because I understand the thinking that made a total MESS of me from 1994 to 2003.

These meds serve a purpose. If we don’t take them we cannot get to where we need to get to do the therapy that takes away that… “stinking thinking.” But if we take too much… or we adulterate them with caffeine, alcohol, pain killers, sleeping pills, Mary or whatever… should we expect them to do the job for which they were intended? Or for us to be able to do any meaningful therapy?

A lot changes inside the brain’s plasticity, and very quickly. I prefer the all-natural route. The big drug push is why I hate the modern world. I really wish I was born in a different time period, at least I could have been respected and wouldn’t have had to fear doctors trying to push me into using drugs to overcome my symptoms.

What universe are you living in? Before Chlorpromazine, we’d have been locked up in a hell hole you probably cannot imagine because you haven’t been in one yet. (I have.) The staff is too small to manage the mess, so the bad asses ■■■■ the smaller people (regardless of gender), steal their food and smokes, and beat on them. If you’d prefer that, I’ll slide out the time machine in the garage for you.


I live in a universe where I squatted 380 four times & benched 350 lbs. at the age of 21 (despite a pectoral injury when I was 15). I live in a universe where my biological father was an All-American middle linebacker & my mother was a fighter.

So yeah, I have good genetics and have a hard instinct & will to do more than just “survive”, but live. I wouldn’t get my ass pounded - already been in jail and they were afraid of me (war veteran). So don’t even start self-projecting.

The time period I’d want to live in would be Sumerian, Babylonian, or Medo-Persian times - back when everything was militarized and civilizations were actually strong, religion was open & free. Either that or during the Iron Age, though I prefer Bronze Age history.

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In short, we’re talking 3,000+ years ago at the very least, not in the paltry 20th century, where idiot men decided global warfare was the best case scenario for ending all problems.

Woof, woof, woof. And… how’s it working for you now?

Because, frankly, your posts aren’t coming from anywhere but self-defeating, chest-beating, narcissistic ego defenses that make your paranoia glaringly clear.

Don’t self-project your weaknesses or personality onto me. The only one with a bloated ego here is you. You wouldn’t talk like this to anyone face-to-face.

But, I have. Many, many times. Because it doesn’t do any good to co-sign people’s self-destructive ■■■■■■■■. And that is what appears to happen here at least half the time.

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Sadly 3000+ years ago in most cultures the mentally ill were seen as being possessed by demons, and many times died through horrible, extreme exorcism rituals. Maybe 3000+ years ago if you lived in some African tribe or somewhere in the rain forest they could have seen you as a spirit guru, but that’s the best hope you’d get. The world has never been kind to or respected the mentally ill. We’re coming a little bit closer today but really there’s still so much more that needs to be done.

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[quote=“notmoses, post:9, topic:31905”]
[/quote]Walk a mile in their shoes before you start making claims about their actions destroying themselves…

Yes; I’m sure that eleven hospitalizations in nine years, 32 months in panic-stricken hell, direct (personal) experience with 16 different medications, indirect experience with over 150, 10 years of post-graduate school, and 28 years of face-to-face experience with addicts, alcoholics, depressives, manic-depressive bipolars, anxiety-soaked and paranoid PTSD sufferers, borderlines (and every other personality disorder) and the entire range of psychotic spectrum provide no qualifications whatsoever for stating the FACTS I state here.

You’re all welcome to your fantasies. I, however, cannot afford them.