When someone learns I'm MI, they ask "What did you do?"

My answer took time to develop. It is this. I was accused of antisocial things I had not done and was even punished for them. Then I became withdrawn, not wanting to risk getting hurt again. Withdrawal is painful and antisocial behavior developed. Then I did hurt people. So the question should be “Who hurt you?” not “What did you do?” It will produce a more humane and thoughtful, non threatened answer.

For what and who punished you?

My mother took her anger at her mother out on me. She never really recognized me as a baby, not since I was a year old. She had traumatic surgery and was never the same.

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That’s sad, sorry. I hope you can focus on the present and the future while forgetting the past.
Maybe tell this to your psychologist? He might be able to help you.

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One day I grabbed a can of shaving cream and went with my twin brother and his future wife to spray it on the honeymoon vehicle of my Mom and her 3rd husband. I’ll have to live with it forever because it made a mess and I was actually having fun.

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