When Should You Have Your Loved One Committed?

My husband has suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. He was taking Risperdone, but decided to get off due to side effects(weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and it was ‘poison’). He’s verbally offensive (loud, cursing, yelling, says things like ‘kill him’ or ‘you’re dead’), but hasn’t acted out anything and has no plans of acting out yet. He’s also blind so I am his guide and full time caretaker. Going out to places he enjoys like movies or restaurants has become impossible, but he won’t consider getting help, saying ‘I’m ok’. I’ve read a few books including Dr Amador’s, and tried using the techniques, but no success so far. They seem to work better with someone who understands they have an illness and he’s not able to do that. So I’ve read that unless they are going to hurt themselves or someone else, you can’t get them help without their permission. Is his situation one where I need to just wait and see what happens at this point? I feel like I should do something, but it would be against his wishes. At what point do I step in and get him help he doesn’t want? What made you (non-sz) choose to do that-what were the signs? I do appreciate your advice on this.

This sounds very hard and straining on you. There is a family forum where this topic maybe fits better (since you want advice from nonszs) .

Best of luck!

@SzAdmin, this is one for the family forum. Locking as it is obviously not intended for those who are diagnosed. Note to @ANNECHANG, you can find the Family forum here: http://family.schizophrenia.com/

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