When reality slips through your fingers: in search of dissociation


Amazing read, I have been going through a lot of what this article mentions! Might finally talk to my DR about it, even though I have been vaguely mentioning it to them.


I used to dissociate a lot.
When it happens, it’s as in I’m inside a cheese bell of glass. I see the outside world, but every sensory input takes longer to reach me and feels weakened and distorted. And even though I’m me, it’s as if I’m inside myself, watching my body doing things, hearing my mouth say things.
Like I’ve put myself on autopilot while taking a nap in the passenger seat.


can I ask you a question? why cheese?

This is what it’s like for me too.

What’s a cheese bell?

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A cheese bell is a bell-shaped glass lid one puts over a plate with cheese on it.


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