When people are ripping you off right and left

you many have come to your senses and found that delusions was the key they need to take over you life and wealth. parents are your most likely and close relatives too. just so you know. my mom has never been bad too me in this regard, many others have. so watch your self.


Yeah I basically trust my parents and brother and that’s about it.
I’ve been stabbed in the back by others a ton of times.

The closer you are to someone, the easier it is to take advantage of you-even though it shouldn’t be this way.

Beware those who newly have intrest in everything about you…and knows where everything is in your house without asking.

I’ve been through periods where everywhere I did business it seemed like people were ripping me off. I’d get change after a purchase, and I’d be thinking, “That doesn’t seem right.” I always seemed to get this suspicion when I was at odds with the community. Now I don’t think anyone was really ripping me off. I asked in group in anyone else had experienced this, and most of the people said “Yes”.

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