When non-ills go on pills

I didn’t need those years of anti-psychotic medication, seroquel, latuda, geodon, haldol, abilify, invega, risperdal, fanapt, and zyprexa. All these for no reason. why did they see psychosis? No, I didn’t need the meds, I was fine. And I’m fine now. They didn’t help, you think they didn’t help. Well, they didn’t. Who is to be sure? It’s a whirlwind out there,

What is happening to a brain that doesn’t need AP medicine, when they go on one, or three?

i hope you are feeling better today :heart:
take care :alien:

Hey dude, thanks. I am in wishy-washy limbo, but I hope you are doing better.

Live long and prosper.

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Something nice for the brain for now.

The trouble is that the Paliperidone p. is in my muscle, slow release, and it’s only been a week or so. I can’t confirm anything with the haldol. Can’t stand lithium. It’s high times I start quitting this being monitored for taking medication.

And the incident report they have to go by when you miss a dose and show for it.

But, not show for it?

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I felt so much better when my prescriptions ran out.

In my past environment, I think the wrong one was taking the prescription.

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Do things improve in a rational way, does it all unfold out, I want to grasp more personality and add it to my mind, for better access… and communication skills… Huzzah!!!

Complaining of severe anxiety, yep, on haloperidol. And apathy and emotional indifference. Working on it, reclaiming and conquering. Thanks for the link.

It’s possible you have become dependent on med’s. You might or might not have been ill when you first took them, but you can get a rebound effect from these med’s even if you weren’t psychotic when you first took them.

Nothing linear here, when things unfold, there is only more wrinkles.
Library card holds more tails per square inch than the closet, hangers are optional.
Your mileage may vary.

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Only as slight interruptions, those wrinkles, yeah? I don’t know much about them, I seem to be climbing the ladder of wellness, hitting plateau’s every now and then. Right now, is a plateau. There were wrinkles for you? They seem so harmless, until they build up.

Is there an injectable form of lithium? There isn’t, right, I can’t find any information about such a thing.

Given the narrowness between therapeutic and toxic dosages I guess it would be difficult to provide lithium carbonate in a long acting injectable form. I think if it was viable they would have done so by now.



Precisely. (15 f-----g 15)

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Then why were they prescribed? Are you telling us that at this moment, your mind believes that you were/are not psychotic? Having had further time now to consider this, can you see that this is the disease talking?

At the risk of (seeming to be, but not actually) insulting those who take things personally (in the very manner described in every description of paranoid sz I have ever read, which is probably 20 or so)… can we get up out of the polarized boxes of black-and-white, all-or-nothing, all-good-or-all-bad beliefs that pills are either The Grail or the Work of the Demon?

They’re f-----g pills. That’s all. All they do is chill the autonomic nervous system by blocking some of the dopamine receptors on the neural chains that lead from the sensory insula through the “this might be dangerous” amygdala to the hypothalamus that sets off the pituitary gland that leads to adrenaline flooding and the sensation of terror.

Yes; they do so at a price. And, yes, many pts are either over- (or under-) medicated. I worked with my docs for years to find the ones best for me and get the dosages right for my particular condition. That is How It Works.

This is certainly a problem with the pro and anti med extremists. In relation to antipsychotics I have taken them for 23 out of the last 40 years-albeit often erratically when out of a hospital setting-(16 years just on lithium and 1 year total med break) and they have helped in some respects and much less so in others. Have they brought about recovery?- no. Would I be even worse off without them?- most probably.
They ,in my experience, are neither wonder drugs or ,as a person on another forum posted from an article, part of a “medical holocaust” .

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Thank you. (15 15 15)