When moving to a new place,

What things do you look out for

For me, double glazing, i prefer no gas and just electricity,

I’m moving at some point so it’s good to know if I’m forgetting about somink


Quiet neighbours I guess? a patio?


one thing that is important to me is having a quality grocery store nearby. where I can get my produce and seeds, and frozen berries and stuff.


I’d stay over for a night and see how noisy it is.


I like gas stoves but electric dryers. I also have a gas water heater. Two of them actually

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Nice floor plan, wall space, windows.

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Near to a supermarket. Bringing groceries would be impossible in long distances in my case.
(Yay for weak muscles…)


I used to live in an apartment complex that shared a parking lot with a supermarket and it was the absolute best. Saved a ton on gas.

Imo its all about location. If you live in a place that is convenient to get to places you need/want to be thats the place I wanna live


Knock on the walls to see it they’re made out of cardboard.

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Scoping out the surrounding area and seeing how close busses run nearby. See how close a laundromat is, a grocery store, a hospital or clinic, a park etc.

For me, I want a good shower. I want a shower head that works good to my liking. I’ve lived in too many places where the water just dribbles out or runs weak or it takes 5 minutes for the water to get hot. I shower almost every day and a bad shower is just a terrible way to start off a day.

I HATE having to do clothes at a laundromat. Especially if it is a long walk. (I don’t know if you have a car or not). I don’t like walking 2 or 3 or 4 blocks once a week carrying a basketful of clothes to a busy laundromat. So having a washer and dryer on the premises is a plus.

Having enough storage space is nice too. If you live at some place for a year or two objects are inevitably going to pile up. It’s just nice to have plenty of space such as closets and drawers to keep stuff in.

I like a bright apartment with plenty of light. My apartment now is nice but my bedroom doesn’t get as much as light as I wish it would.

  • Nice or at least decent neighborhood

  • Not on the ground floor

  • Closer to the places I need to go to.

I’m moving, too, and these are what I look for, besides also needing to be affordable.

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One of the things i looked for in our new unit (which we’ve rented for nearly a year now, so it isn’t that new anymore) is a dishwasher. I hate washing dishes. I also had to look for a pet friendly place. Also, in Australia, it is nice to have a reverse cycle air-conditioner. Otherwise, i look at the general state of the place. Does it appear clean, are there signs of mold or possible areas of infestation of insects or other creepy crawlies.

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Must allow cats :expressionless:


In England it’s usually a norm to have a washing machine. One place that said they may consider me don’t have a washing machine :frowning: though
I hate waiting around for my clothes to wash especially since I don’t have much data on my phone n I get irritable waiting

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