When little kids won't do what they're told

They just stand there and say “NO”. What do you do? I confess I just want to smack them up but I know that won’t work in the long run. But it’s not good to wait until they really get hurt before they’ll listen to you, either.

Sometimes… hands off is the best hands on training a kid can have.

Myself and my siblings were all defiant when we were little and my parents let us get in over our head just enough to scare ourselves. Then it was amazing how willing we were to listen.

So, today the 3 year old provider’s granddaughter took something that didn’t belong to her and wouldn’t give it back. How do you “scare” her? Threaten her with jail?

When I took stuff that didn’t belong to me, first it was just taken back and I was put in time out. Then my parents would take my toys. When I wanted my stuff back, I was given the lesson about not taking other peoples stuff.

ok. We didn’t think of using force to take it. I was in another room and don’t know if it was breakable or not.

Growing up in our house that kind of behavior just wasn’t accepted.
My parent’s weren’t above smacking us on the behind when we got out of line, although it was used as the last resort, it got results when all else failed.
Didn’t harm us in the long run either, because we all turned out pretty good.