When it's appropriate to keep a secret

confession to the right person shouldn’t result in a headache.


I agree with this. I found out that someone at work was fabricating figures in a very crude way.

I thought my manager would have been concerned but they just turned and said, 'what you want to be a whistle blower now do you"

I have been stressing all weekend and afraid to go back to work today. I felt I had to say something and I would be listened to but no, just left with a headache.

Some wise words!

Pays to be discrete for most folk. I often have a weird genetic disorder to explain why I don’t work. It’s not lying…it’s just as valid. Say schizophrenia and your clearing the room!

I get rid of telemarketers that way. It knocks the wind right out of them. Dumbfucks.

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