When it is sunny I feel happy

I do not know if it is all that vitamin D the Sun is generating, or what is it …

In the recent study they have concluded that vitamin D is good for the functioning of a human heart.

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Me too. Today is gray here

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Even when it’s sunny, sometimes i still depress…

Yes, it all depends on a day, sometimes I am quite positive when it is raining, I do not have a car and so I ride my bicycle a lot, I have Norwegian army rain clothing that I wear when it rains, I got these cheaply at a flea market, I suppose happiness is so relative.

It’s funny you mention this because I just began eating the raw till 4 diet and it recommends I get sunlight. So a few days back I was so thrilled and excited to start…then I wake up to random rain here in Cali…Lol :confused: stuffs face with potatoe chips

Your body produces serotonin under sunlight. That is a feel good chemical. When you are sleeping in the dark,your body then turns serotonin into melatonin which regulates your sleep cycles and allows you to have vivid dream experiences

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I suppose that is why I am a Sun worshiper … :sunny:

That’s how flowers are made

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