When isolation is good for you

Just say this was all going the wrong direction right?

And everyone was going that way.

What if being sociable was completely unhealthy for you and everyone else?

Would thoust isolate at least a bit? I would.

Earth, when isolation is a good thing for yourself and others, it should not be this way but it is most of the time. You ever see that photo of the guy who wouldn’t salute the third reich while everyone else was, he isolated and was forever captured doing this in a large crowd of sociable peeps.

Isolate when it is good, be sociable when it’s good. Every single party i ever went to there was an alpha there, the pressure to assimilate with them became apparent. And so i isolated because these were unhealthy people.

■■■■ being sociable in this crazy place, ■■■■ it, don’t want it, never did, didn’t need it either.


Its not ur nature…Its our illness man…!!!
SZ runs in our blood…!!!


I sometimes wish I was sociable, but when I do go into social situations I immediately realise why I spend all my time alone.

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I don’t socialize much in real-life. nor can I force a conversation. in my opinion, being social is not necessarily a thing that you can do whenever you wish, because it depends on other people.

but I do socialize sometimes, because socializing is very important for my life.

I do not believe that socializing is assimilation. there are times when my brother has the exact same thoughts as me, and we can have a good talk and connect; without having to share the same religion or indiscrimination.

I only socialize when I’m feeling manic. I get a little over the top with it, too. I say things and make plans with people I always regret later. I then go home and drown in it and feel so regretful and embarrassed, like I need to get out of town and change my name.
This makes it hard to face those people, again.

One thing I never got is how some people can’t stay single. They will set up family even with someone they don’t even know they like. How can you know yourself. Not having a dig at anyone but have a few family members who must hate themselves.

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everybody’s different. some people are not good at making friends, but some people are quite good at it.

I think isolation can be great.

I do not beleive in forcing socialisation upon people.
Some people need their lone time etc

5/6 years ive not had any one to socialise with apart from my horse and a chat with people i agist of but most of them i was paranoid about.or all of them at some point.

A few months ago i alsmost went to hospital again but managed to stop myself from going because i chose to isolate, take meds again, care of self.

One can feel horrid and just some time to self can make one feel better or some sleep and good food.For me anyway.

Ive been single for 5 or 6 years and living by myself and now plan on living with my boyfriend.
He does not have any rooms where one can go to but its just one big room and he has dogs.
I dont know how it will go because he has friends around every week and im used to not having friends in person and not having to be around people.

I am a little worried about not being able to isolate or being forsed in to social settings and situations and not keep up in conversations or not be able to answer questions etc
that it may be immensely embaressing and humiliating etc.

I have felt i need to isolate to cope.
I get exhausted and can struggle to much socially.(in person)
(in spirit i think i can be way out there) :slight_smile:

Maybe its easier to socilaise with some people than with other people.

I can seem to “do” easy going and simple talk with quiet a few people but i cant do the fancy talk or conversations or debates.

Some people hate you and want to ridecule and humilate you for your lack of memory of education and disability while others want to keep it comfortable and doable and simple for you in socialising.

Different types of people are different to socialise with also.

I beleive i have spiritual friends that i can have as best friend even but can not socialise with in person (in da flesh) yet in other level they are my best friend.

socializing is for the weak.

just kidding…