When is the right time?


My doctor suggested last time I saw him that we could try dropping the haldol injection whenever I was ready.

I wasn’t ready then. I hadn’t been stable long enough.

But how do I know when is the right time to switch things up?

I’m also hesitant to increase the perphenazine since it’s giving me so many side effects as is. I don’t know.

What would you do?


If you drop the Haldol shot would you take pills or be off Haldol altogether? I think if the perphenazine is causing a lot of side effects going up on it might not be a good idea.


I’m not sure how weaning off would go, but I would be stopping the haldol altogether.


Well there’s probably no sure way to know when you’re ready. If you’re doing well now you may be okay to gradually go off of it. If it doesn’t work out you can always increase the dosage again. Just work with your pdoc and stay in contact with him or her.


You know best when the right time is. Don’t rush things any more than you have to. I waited 6 months before lowering my dose last time.


how does the perphenazine make you feel? How do you compare it’s effects with the Haldol?


It has a lot more side effects than the haldol did. Our at least more noticable. The haldol made my leg shake, but the perphenazine makes my hands and arms shake.

The haldol made me really sleepy at higher doses (why we switched half the dose to the shot) but the perphenazine doesn’t make me sleepy at all.

I can take one dose of perphenazine but had to take the haldol 3 times a day to get the same full day effectiveness.

Both cause lack of sex drive.

Both cause akathisia, but the haldol was worse at first then got better while the perphenazine is a constant.


But it works a little better even than the haldol. I don’t have as many breakthrough symptoms.


With medication, I don’t want to change anything unless there is a very good reason to. I stopped the first antipsychotic I took, because I wanted to switch from an injection to tablets, and I did that. That was a long time ago now. In my mind, the goal is always to take the exact same medication, at the exact same dose, for years and years, without any change. That way your body can get used to the medication as much as possible and the side effects can lessen.


I am on fluphenazine and there are no sexual side effects at all…you might switch to that.


I’m not interested in switching at the moment. Just stopping the haldol and staying on the perphenazine.


I used to get the haldol shot. I think it was more effective than the pills but I am on oral haldol now and doing ok. Taking a bit more orally dosage wise than with the shot but its effective. I have some breakthrough symptoms on the oral haldol but they are manageable. Probably best to wait until you feel ready.